Way to Wear Thigh High Boots

This year’s shoes for cold weather are definitely high boots, and high boots in particular are a big trend. Since their first appearance in the autumn-winter catwalks, high boots have attracted the attention of women everywhere.

Finally, we have the opportunity to wear heat and comfortable boots without having that annoying venereal connotation. And this is because such fashionable brands as Khaite, Schouler, Bottega Veneta and Proenza put them on the catwalk in fabulous new fashionable outfits.

Variety Outfits

Since probably not all of us know how to style boots to gender on a daily basis, you should know that there are many styles and types of legs. So, you can wear thin boots to the high kitchen with tight-fitting silhouettes or legs taller straight styles and crumpled boots that are slouchy and made of a soft and comfortable material. Thin high boots for kitchens are ideal for sofas under skirts, dresses, coats and even Bermuda or Denim shorts in the summer!

Oversized Jerseys

And they can be worn solo to make leather leggings, with an oversized long sweater or a textured thick cardigan. This Look was a very popular way to wear high boots on fashion shows, and there were a lot of French women wearing them on the streets outside the shows. If you are still not convinced that high boots are easy to style, just scroll down and check out some of the best high boots outfits for the whole year!

How to wear high boots in real life:

1. Thigh High Boots & flashy Coats

Wear high boots with an eye-catching coat that could be the last square or square pattern to prevent the boots from being the main fashion point of your ensemble. Wear a modest woolen sweater and a matte gray-green ribbed knit skirt that covers only the knee, black suede kitchen stockings and a handbag that matches your coat. And another way not to make your boots the main object of your outfit is to choose beige or cream boots.

2. Thigh high Boots & plaid pinafore dresses

Wear a square or square dress or a dress with straps so that you are heatly covered up to the neck. A bright red plaid or Plaid with a black sweater with a polo neck will look super chic with tight-fitting black leather boots in the kitchen. Or wear a plain, almost knee-length sheath dress in this winter’s gemstone colors, like dark purple, dark sapphire, burgundy, dark pink, sheep yellow or forest green, with GANNI’s wide-legged Patchwork boots. This style is black, brown, Navy and a pastel color in 5-part Patchwork, which allows you to create a Boho look with a different full kitchen high boots vibe.

3. Chunky knee-high boots & sweater

Experiment with different textures for an interesting new Look by wearing your black suede or leather kitchen tops with an oversized polo-neck sweater with diagonal camel ribs on trend. You can wear a black leather skirt with an asymmetrical zipper on the front and boots at kitchen height, but make sure that the hem is knee-high. The key truth for a chic Look is to elevate the more sexy vegetables and combine your boots with more normal vegetables. So, if you find fabulous high boots with crossed lacing on the front, make sure that your other vegetables are quite modest.


4. Over-the-knee Boots And Shirt Dresses

Take off your classic shirt dress and wear it with your boots at the height of the kitchen that sail in underclothes. With a shirt dress below the knee, you partially cover your boots, but this is fine, because this is the fashionable way of hairdressers for the day. Keep in mind that women are not only a hot fashion trend, but also to collect the kitchen boot as a practical shoe to keep our legs heat and dry.

But if you are tired of black boots, switch to Navy, sapphire, brown, cream, Beige, red, pink or one of the other proposed colors! You can even get orange boots, so you have a choice of ultra-chic or fun outfits, in addition to office Sets with low-heeled boots and midi skirts.

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