Way to Wear Enamel Pins Lapel Pins for Fun Fashion

Here is another exciting new idea that can change your fashion style and add that special atmosphere that will make you stand out for your personal style! Lapel pins are a fun fashion that may be completely new to some, but I was really “into” enamel pins when I was a kid in elementary school!

So I’m glad to see that funny little fashion items make a long delayed return. And the beauty of this interesting trend is that the choice of enamel pins is so wide that you can use your lapel badges to make a political point or reflect your hobby, or just add boho, urban, hippie, chic, GOTHIC or romantic to your outfits!

1. What is an enamel needle?

Also known as a badge in British English, an enamel pin is a small 2-dimensional shape that can be any image. For example, there are pins in the form of fruits, beautiful flowers or cartoons sailboats for passionate sailors, cats, dogs and all kinds of animals to show their love for pets. And there are hobby and sports needles to show new acquaintances how they spend their free time. The pretty golden hairpin below is not strictly speaking an “enamel” hairpin, but it belongs to the same fashion category. And it’s beautiful, original, trendy and also invites other plant lovers to chat with you!

And if you are an advanced runner, or just a sports fan hoping to meet other people who share your interest, this running woman pin is perfect for attracting related minds!

Looking for a tennis partner or just a fabulous look at the tennis club? This tennis pin is a very nice accessory and a wonderful gift idea!

Love sewing, or maybe run your own workshops/machine sewing classes. What could be more suitable than this pretty enamel sewing machine brooch to subtly advertise your courses?

Enamel is famous for the production of bright and bright colors with a glassy finish that captures light. It is made of powdered glass that is laminated and tinted before being shaped into attractive enamel pins. They were a formal indication of their belonging to a religious, political or commercial association, but like so many things in this new century, their “appearance” and purpose have been completely revised to achieve the opposite! So today’s enamel pins are usually informal, crazy and fun ways to decorate a jacket, blouse or dress in a new and interesting way!

2. How to wear an enamel lapel pin on a thin fabric

On a blouse or dress, some fabrics are too thin to take on the weight of an enamel pin. So you can prevent it from damaging your clothes by cutting a small square of thin cardboard. Put the card in your garment, behind the place where you will fasten the brooch. And then put the brooch through the fabric and through the card. Then add the butterfly clip and the card will support the weight of the pen and protect your fine material from cracking.

3. How to “style” your funny enamel pins!

This article will focus on the fashionable ways of wearing the new enamel pins, so we don’t have to follow any rules and can be original and surprisingly if we choose! So let’s decide what you want to achieve by wearing your new enamel badges.

Since they somehow took the place in women’s fashion of 3-dimensional brooches, use them to brighten up a uniform outfit.

Make a political, personal or social statement informally.

“Advertise” your hobbies and hobbies, such as sewing, sports, cats and dogs, animal husbandry, photography, travel, dancing, music, plonk appreciation, beer making and everything you love.
And one of the main advantages of cute enamel pins is to facilitate conversations with new people. Pins can help you find kindred spirits, or people who like your style, but they will certainly attract the attention and feedback of the people around you. And making new friends with whom you have something in common is one of the greatest joys of life!

And finally, we wear them for fun!

So, taking a stand for veganism, human rights for all, anti-nuclear wars, how much you love your pets or just love ice cream, an enamel pin is more than a fashion statement, it’s a mini-profile of you.

4. Various types of Enamel Pin Fasteners

There are three main types of pin fasteners:-

The enamel pins with butterfly clasp are traditional and give a secure attachment to your garment. They are popular for flag pins, school pins of various kinds and for fashionable novelty shapes.
Screw and nut enamel pins are designed to be absolutely safe and are used for pins that are worn by body active people, including sports fans, because they can not come off and fall out.
Magnetic clasp pins are the latest type of fastening and work best with thinner fabrics than a thick lapel. They are ideal to be worn with fine fabrics that would be damaged by a heavy pin attachment, since the magnetic force never pulls on the fabric.

5. When should you wear your enamel pins?

Anywhere and anytime you want! They are just a fun way to add a trendy style to everyone you wear, and since there are thousands of different enamel pins on the market, you will find it very easy to get badges that enhance all the different work, leisure and fashion clothes you wear.

6. Where can I buy lapel pins?

All online and offline fashion accessories and jewelry boutiques are well stocked with this new trend that has really exploded in the market! Like many other accessories, rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. the trend begins with wearing a fashionable pin, and then intensifies until you wear several or even large groups of enamel badges! And you can even create custom pins that contain your personal image selection and the recipient’s name. You can present a favorite animal, a cartoon version of you and your friends, a pretty flower or your wedding bouquet! They make super personalized gifts.

7. Funky Urban Enamel Pins

Show your rebellious side with these great edgy enamel pins that are perfect for adding personality to your casual wear. They look just as good on denim, leather jackets or black T-shirts and are excellent conversation starters. If you like facial piercings and tattoos, add a bunch of these bright and fun accessories to your clothes!

Let people know that you are a musician with this cool set of enamel pins for guitar. People love to talk to musicians – in the hope that they will be famous or lead exciting lives!

8. Enamel pins on denim jackets

Of course, denim jackets and enamel pins fit very well, because both have a relaxed and young atmosphere. I have no idea what this “I need to pierce my soul” message means, but I expect it will attract a lot of curious people to ask you questions! And you can give them a different meaning each time, depending on the mood! Mdr!

This pretty enamel pin suggests that the wearer is a powerful man, with just a hint of a neurotic vibe – so carefully get closer. But it’s just a funny remark, and the attractive pastel colors on the brooch look great against the dark sapphire denim!

Cats and dogs are our favorite pets, and they look absolutely adorable on a simple, casual jacket. You can’t go there for more than 5 minutes without someone telling you how great you are!

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