To Wear Over the Knee Boots Classy and Trendy Outfits

Women want to know how to wear boots above the knee this year more than ever, because they have never been so fashionable! We mainly wear sandals or sneakers in the summer, but later in the year we have a number of decisions to make when it comes to shoes. And these include sensible Mary Janes, smooth moccasins, classic Chelsea boots, knee-high boots and the most unusual of all, boots above the knees.

Boots above the knee have never been one of the most popular types of boots worn on Main Street, just because they always had a slightly venereal connotation, especially since the movie “Pretty Woman” of the 90s. But fashion designers have rightly exceeded the silly ideas that prevent women from wearing the most comfortable winter boots. Because, of course, a pair of suede or leather boots on your knees is much heat up than any other shoe or boot you can name! And they also look very fashionable and stylish!

Wide range of styles

And if the autumn / winter catwalks offer a lot of very short skirts, what else could they do but offer the best leg protection and a trendy style with boots above the knee! So you have a wide range of boots above the knees to wear this year, from smooth and ultra-practical action versions to tight-fitting boots, minimalist styles, bikers and high glamor!

heat and trendy

Perhaps we are just getting into the spring weather, but for many of us this still means quite cold temperatures and changing weather conditions. And we’re really looking forward to going out in our new miniskirts and midi skirts, so the best way to get a heat and trendy look is to wear boots above the knee. And since high boots cover your legs and make only a couple of centimeters appear, this is quite a modest look compared to shoes and a mini-shirt!

How to choose the right style of boots above the knee

How to choose boots that fit your height and shape.

High and short women’s boots above the knee

Tall women are fantastic with boots above the knee, as they emphasize the length of their legs and show them beautifully. You can always wear a high heel if you prefer, or you can choose one of the most comfortable low and thick heels.

Short women need to wear high-heeled boots to lengthen their legs, and good advice is to wear a bright dress to a length that only covers the top of the boots. This trick works by emphasizing your entire presence with a striking color and the length of the dress will also add a little extra height to your figure.

Boots above the knee and body shape

When choosing the most flattering boots above the knee, you need to determine whether you have thin or large thighs. And it usually turns out that curvy women with an hourglass or pear-shaped figure have fuller thighs. While rectangular and apple-shaped figures, as a rule, have thinner thighs. And if you have slender thighs, you can successfully wear boots above the knee with any clothes, including skirts, dresses, jeans and shorts.

In addition, tall women can also look great in boots above the knee, but you need to limit the range of clothes with which you wear them. For example, if you really want to highlight your pretty curves, wear a pencil skirt that ends slightly above the knee for a sexy but chic look. And this look is especially attractive if your boots contrast with your outfit. But you can also wear a matching skirt/dress to the boots and enjoy the elongation of your legs and the slenderness of your figure.

How not to wear boots above the knee

Remember that the boots above the knee are a very attractive look, so do not overdo your outfit by wearing sexy clothes too.
Avoid wearing tight-fitting tops with boots above the knee, as they are more like formal shoes that look more elegant with a blazer jacket or oversized sweater.
Insist on getting a perfect fit before committing to buy boots above the knee, if they feel too tight in the store, they will be very uncomfortable to wear for hours. And if they are loose around the top, they will continue to slide down and be a nuisance to wear.
If you are wearing a miniskirt, make sure you balance the look very carefully by wearing a top that covers the top of the chest and arms. You should strive for an elegant or casually chic boot outfit on the knee.
Here are some examples of trendy boots above the knee that will inspire you to join the many women who wear high boots to be stylish and heat!

Over the Knee Boots Outfits Ideas

Try loose knee-high boots with a flared or gathered black skirt and combine them with a green checkered sweater, covered with a long tight-fitting vest / vest. Accessorize with a large gray handbag.
Short skirts look great with long coats, and a camel coat will look fresh and trendy on a sweater and a navy miniskirt and gorgeous suede camel boots above the knee.
Update a chic long tweed coat and a black trouser ensemble with a nice splash of color from denim sapphire high boots and a matching black and sapphire small handbag.
Wear boots above the knee with a skirt suit or a printed dress
Black tight-fitting leather boots with a modern block heel are incredibly versatile, and they can look awesome with a patterned long-sleeved skirt suit or dress for business or formal occasions.

Wear trendy snakeskin boots on the knee

If you like animal prints, choose a pair of high-heeled boots made of snake skin above the knee in brown and beige tones. Wear it with a beige suede jacket and a denim skirt with a shredded hem, adding an original touch with a scarlet shoulder bag.

Wear large boots above the knee for a chic grunge style
Heavy boots with a thick sole above the knee are perfect for grunge style and are in fashion this season. Wear it with opaque black tights and a mini skirt, as well as a long-sleeved sweater with mustard and black tiger print to add some color and balance the edge.

Wear boots above the knee with a dress with puff sleeves made of ribbed mesh
Ribbed knitted dresses with long puff sleeves have proved their popularity since their appearance last year. And if you want an ultra-chic look, combine a sapphire knitted dress with cream, suede boots and above the knee.

Wear boots above the knee with a split midi skirt on the front
Boots above the knee look great, worn with a slit on the front, a midi skirt, so that a few centimeters of leg appear above the knee. Wear it with thick heels and try a dark purple, brown, green, sapphire or gray monochrome outfit to create an elegant look.

Wear boots over the knee jumpsuit shorts in late summer/autumn

If you like to wear shorts in late summer and autumn, put on a pair of boots above the knee to keep your legs heat. The trendy khaki-brown shorts look fabulous with a pink top with a high collar and a camel leather jacket, as well as black boots and tights. And add a small rectangular shoulder bag in candy pink for an ultra-chic look.

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