Tips to Style Your Hair Around Hats and Scarves

When the cold weather comes, it’s time to take off these charming coats, hats and scarves. But as most hairstyle lovers know, autumn and winter accessories such as hats and scarves can seriously affect your ability to style your hair! Don’t be afraid, my friends. We have collected the best tips on how to properly style your hair around hats and scarves.


Don’t get upset when you style your hair around hats this season, they can be really fun to work with because there are so many different styles!

Fashionable autumn hats, such as felt hats, are ideal for highlighting the hair that has escaped from under them because of their attractive top. Putting your hair under a felt hat means showing the hair underneath. Therefore, try to style your hair in loose curls. Using a durable curling iron with a large barrel, such as the BaByliss Pro Ceramic 1 1/4 Spring curling iron, makes this style perfect. Use a matte hairspray such as Sebastian Shaper to keep your curls in windy autumn days and accentuate your style.

Knitted hats with a loose fit are also a fun hat to work with, and they are very fashionable in the autumn season. Since these hats fit more tightly to your head, styling your hair under them is not the best idea. Instead, try dividing the curls into two loose braids. If you apply a texturing paste to your hair before braiding, such as the texturing paste from the Scruples Pearl Classic collection, you can prevent excessive hair density. Ultimately, this will balance your style with a form-fitting knitted beanie.


Most women’s number one complaint about scarves is the resulting anger about static electricity finishing their style! If you want to throw on a thin scarf and style your hair, use an antistatic brush such as Cricket’s Static Free Volumizer, combined with an indelible smoothing conditioner such as Biscottes Sensors Smooth Leave In Conditioner. this is the best way to tame your hair and get rid of the static of cold weather accessories. If you choose a thicker and heat up scarf, the ideal style is a low bun. With the Cricket heat brush without static electricity and the daily ISO finishing spray, it is easy to sweep the advanced roller without static electricity to keep everything together.

These styles of hats and scarves will be perfect in your arsenal on the eve of the cold months! Remember that with the right products and tips, there is no reason why your style will suffer when the cold weather approaches.

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