The Spring Summer Trends of Experimental Ethical Styles

One cannot begin to explain the trends of 2024 without mentioning the obvious trend cycle that brought back the styles of two decades ago. Whether it’s the designers pushing the trend to its limits or the fashion enthusiasts who want to be different, the “it” trends of the coming seasons give rise to the narrative of maximalism and bold experiments. Here are the key points to remember to dig in your closet for your next summer vacation:

Heel Platform

Platforms were a favorite of the fashion cult in the 2010s, and a similar shape of heels made its comeback in the upcoming spring-summer season. Most of these heels have the basic structure of a block heel, but somewhere decrease the line can be called platforms.

Versace, Miu Miu and Fendi are some of the richness brands that have put the platforms in the spotlight. Although these heels are far from being ready-to-wear for the general public, the trend should subside in the coming summers for wider application.

Stylizing the platform

Before block heels, platforms were often combined with high and low skirts, which pretended to create an illusion to increase their waist. By leaving the assumptions behind, today’s platforms are versatile and do not comply with a specific set of rules. So wear them when you want to feel comfortable, but also the confidence of a classic heel!

Tops and trousers with straps

With the grace of the year 2000 and its trends sweeping Generation z off their floors, the designers are experimenting with new bonding processes in their collections. Suspenders, pieces of fabric and laces for tying, all are integrated into the upper and lower parts.

The newfound independence in experimentation and the addition of a personal touch is also evident in the street styles at high-end fashion shows. The most creative have often taken the path of DIY to tie crop tops and skirts.

How do you style the straps?

The basic rule should be to keep the article free as little as possible. Straps and fastenings are considered primarily “bowls” and “revealing” from a psychological point of view. So, to balance it out, if you’re wearing a strappy top, opt for wide-legged jeans and sneakers to keep it in a contrasting look.

If the straps are laces that you can tie, think about how they can be used to combine the two parts. For example: jeans with two straps that go over the belly can be lengthened to end somewhere under your short top / shirt, creating a neckline effect more than a tie effect.

Low waist

He came back in January and will strengthen since then. Low sizes were almost taboo a few years ago, but shining the lower abdomen with low-waisted boots can be a great motivation to stay in shape to look fabulous.

The spring / summer 2024 collections of Molly Goddard, Dolce & Gabbana and Missoni were reminiscent of all the outfits of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. The low waist, especially in jeans made of denim, can become a classic glory in the coming years.

How to style jeans with a low waist?

The cut of jeans is much more important than styling. To feel comfortable in your low-waist pair, the best silhouette would be a bootcut design (or the pair that spreads near your calves and feet).

Short tops are the must-have on such jeans, but you can also experiment with corsets and jackets that cover your tummy if you do not want to show it. Since these jeans are versatile, they go well with heels and sneakers.

Fringing and crocheting

Before we celebrate boho and hipster looks, fringe encapsulates a variety of fabrics, cuts and silhouettes for the new decade. The wide variety of hems and opacity of the fabric include classic tassels, transparent nets, crochet strands and the organza tulle used in skirts.

Unlike the bronzes, which can be seen mainly under boho looks, the fringes are shown mainly in white or black. Louis Vuitton, Zimmermann and Elvaquero created designs only by including fringes in their clothes.
Products to invest in fringes

Certainly the small details. Small fringes in a boat or handbag with straightened tassels can give your outfit the boho-chic look, without this being the centerpiece of your ensemble. Think carefully: a T-shirt with a fringe can be a great statement, but it can not be worn on every occasion. However, a fringe boot can be worn if you want a shirt and jeans to have a casual boho look.

Durable, handmade, environmentally friendly, ethical, and the long series of similar buzzwords have brought the durability of the hook into the construction of clothing. The process of entering knots and twists is in full display with hooks, receiving the applause of customers who want an ethical fashion.

Acne Studios has surpassed the subtle craftsmanship by creating a tight-fitting body from neck to toe for their spring-summer 2024 collection. The knitted look with long-lasting fringes and platform shoes is the perfect example of the synthesis of future down-to-earth trends in one image.

Shoulder shrugs, shoulder bags or even halter tops in white are the popular choice for crocheted designs. These can also be made by hand knitting or by learning the basics of crochet.


By keeping maximalism in check, we can not forget about the glamor of life. Silver is not only seen in jewelry, but also used in the design of their cocktail dresses and bodysuits. These statement pieces remain true for parties and clubs, but they will have much more presence on the red carpet.

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