Misconceptions About Tights and They Are Wrong

Tights are undoubtedly an indispensable piece of clothing for any woman, from covering the imperfections of the legs to an impeccable Complexion to heat legs and enhanced style. Unfortunately, there are still some who do not think positively about them, mainly due to misunderstandings related to such tight-fitting clothes.

If you are one of those who have stayed away from pantyhose after hearing unpleasant things about them, you will be surprised to learn that these claims are false. This article will discuss the most common myths about pantyhose and explain why they are wrong.

#1. Pantyhose is boring

Perhaps the number one misconception about tights is that they are boring. Many justify this statement by referring to older women wearing naked couples like their grandmothers and the Queen Of England.

It is worth noting that just because mature women look elegant when worn, does not mean that such clothes are boring. If anything, it shows that tights are for all ages.

However, before you start to believe this myth, you should try to look for stylish tights on the Internet. A quick search will immediately show that you have a lot of choices and that you are not limited to just naked, black and gray couples. Tights are available in a variety of colors, styles and Designs, allowing you to freely express your mood, personality and creativity.

Do you want to take off a preppy look? Complete your ensemble with Opaque pink blush tights for that innocent vibe. If you are feeling adventurous, you can opt for a couple with a completely different Design from the standard one. Choose from polka dots, animal prints, stripes, diamonds or other unique patterns. As for the style options, the only limit is your imagination, and this is exactly the opposite of boring.

#2. They are only suitable for Cold weather

It’s true that tights are great for keeping you heat in cold weather, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them to other seasons. Just look at Zoey Deschanel, who constantly wears black tights, regardless of the occasion and season. If you can imagine wearing this tight-fitting garment in winter, spring and autumn, but not in the hot summer months, maybe it’s time to reconsider this.

Indeed, tights can enhance your style and provide remarkable benefits even in hot weather. They are perfect for those days when you are too busy to shave your legs. Tights are also ideal for giving you the confidence to wear short skirts and dresses. If you need advice on how to adapt tights to your summer outfit, consider the following tips:

Go for couples with weak deniers. Denier basically refers to the thickness of the material. Choose tights with a Denier of 10 or less, because they are light enough to keep you cool during the heat up months.
Look for breathable Designs. You can choose fishing nets, mesh, lace or similar styles that let the air through. Footless and tights Capri are also excellent options. Not only are they cooler to wear, but they can also be worn with pretty sandals and slippers.
Try skin tones in darker tones. If you do not have time to go to the beach, you can immediately give your legs a sunny look by wearing naked tights in a darker shade. Pair them with a short, flowing dress to create a summery vibe.

#3. Pantyhose feel uncomfortable

Wearing the right tights should be ultra-comfortable and natural, like a second skin. After all, they are soft, stretchy and do not have zippers or buttons that scratch the skin. If you swore pantyhose because they dig into your tummy, sag, roll or just feel uncomfortable, then most likely you have them the wrong size.

Think. Even the most comfortable pair of sneakers feels uncomfortable if it is too small or too big for your feet. Therefore, you need to take the time to find tights that are right for you. Follow the instructions below to help you buy a pair that you will always be happy to wear:

Stay away from One-Size-Fits-All products. Instead, look for well-known brands that offer tights with different size options for the most accurate fit.
Get in the habit of checking the size chart of tights of one brand before buying. This will help you determine which sizes are most suitable for your height and weight.
If your measurements are between two different sizes offered by a brand, opt for the larger size.
Always check the Denier to find the right thickness for the season. The higher the Denier, the thicker the garment. In general, a denier of 30 or less is recommended. Tights with a Denier of more than 100 are incredibly opaque and do not show skin, which makes them perfect in cold weather.

#4. Pregnant women can not wear them

This myth is completely unfounded. Pregnant women can wear tights if they wish and it will not harm their baby. In fact, there are even tights specifically designed for pregnant women.

If you expect, you can wear maternity tights rather than ordinary couples. These products provide additional support to relieve discomfort and reduce swelling. Some brands even offer designs with molded panels to weigh and support the bump as the baby grows.

# 5. Tights are only for thin people

Tights are suitable for everyone, whether they are tall, short, thin, slender or curvy. If you are on the curvy side, wearing the right tights can help hide Cellulite lumps. They can even prevent your thighs from rubbing against each other, causing unpleasant friction and skin rashes. Simply put, tights are the perfect garment to enhance your overall Look and style, regardless of your size.

Although there are many oversized tights on the market today, you may want to look for some design features that can increase your confidence and comfort. For example, try to buy pairs with Control Tops, because these types of tights have built-in Shapewear. Because of this, you can better support your tummy, hips and thighs and create a more comfortable Figure.

#6. They don’t last long

Just like other clothes, tights can maintain their impeccable condition with proper care. It’s not that the tights were specifically designed to wear out quickly; it may just be that they’ve been worn poorly or misbehaved. Fortunately, you can avoid damaging your tights by washing, wearing and caring for them properly.

If you are concerned about the longevity of the tights you want to buy, here are some tips to extend their service life:

Wash them by hand with a mild detergent instead of a washing machine.
Follow the Manufacturer’s Care instructions.
Scrunch them from the hip to the toes and wear one leg at a time, gently pulling.
Trim your nails and remove all the rings from your fingers before putting on your tights.
Be careful when wearing clothes or shoes with velcro, zippers, hooks and other similar closures that can damage your tights.

Over the years, tights have gained a bad reputation among women, mainly due to false information. Since these myths have been repeated and spread for so long, many have begun to accept them as facts. Hopefully, this article helped dispel these misconceptions about tights and encouraged you to try them on. In this way, You can finally see why these Clothes a staple in every Woman’s wardrobe.

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