Important Things to Check Before Buying Jewelry Online

There are very few that you can not buy online. Pretty much all of them, we make most of our purchases through our computers and devices and it works very well most of the time, although it is worth noting that some transactions take longer to adapt to the Internet age.

For example, a few years ago we would never have considered having face-to-face conversations with our doctors online or requesting therapy via Zoom, but even this is now a familiar action that has greatly helped people’s lives as a whole.

When it comes to buying items online, while clothes and grocery shopping are now commonplace, ordering and buying jewelry is always something that many of us would be worried about. This seems completely reasonable, since the interaction with the purchase of something of value that could theoretically happen to your door in an inaccurate way.

Perhaps a gold name necklace that you bought as a gift for a loved one, who has now found his way, perhaps by chance, to another address.

Perhaps the item you ordered is not the one you will receive, or in the worst matter, an expensive item will not arrive at all. However, you should not worry too much, because most reputable jewelry stores selling online provide great protection and take a number of precautions to avoid such incidents.

To help you in your search for online jewelry, here is an overview of some important aspects that you should pay attention to before clicking on “buy”.

See Return policy

Since the main concerns you may have are about the quality of the jewelry items you order, you may want to make sure that they are covered by a solid return policy before you make your purchase. Most trusted establishments offer a 7-day return policy from the day of arrival.

Search for the brand or website you are shopping with
Ideally, the place where you buy jewelry online will be a household name, and therefore part of the perceived danger is excluded, but if not, you should check the online reviews of the site or brand in question.

This is very easy to do and will give you a very good indication of the seller’s reputation, and it will ease your mind or make you quickly reevaluate your plans.

Make sure that the purchase contains a review
To confirm the validity of the item you purchased, you need to make sure that it comes with a certificate of authenticity. This describes important product information such as carat weight, cut and color (especially relevant for gemstones) and this is then something that you can always evaluate yourself to confirm on your side.

Request relevant documentation

To further validate your purchase, especially for items that contain diamonds, request a GIA diamond appraisal report and other items with similar levels of documentation. These will help you to be reassured about the quality of the item you have purchased or are planning to purchase.

Make Sure Your Insurance Covers the Purchase

You can try to insure the item you want to buy in advance by contacting your insurance agent, who should be able to cover you before clicking “buy” on the specific website where you are buying. This is also relevant for your household contents insurance, i.e. you make sure that such a purchase is covered by your existing coverage.

Make sure it Fits

Some jewelry, for example, rings, must fit well so that they are relevant. Most reputable outlets offer relevant sizing information and will offer you returns based on whether these items don’t match.

This could also be relevant for necklaces and bracelets and making sure the item fits is clearly more difficult to do if you are not shopping in person, so the need for an online point of sale is to offer you the tools to ensure that this aspect is covered by your entire service.

Elimination of Almost All peril Elements

Online shopping has many potential peril factors. Most of the industries and activities that take place online have adapted to these concerns and helped to close the gap between the point of sale and the user in the easiest way.


For some purchases, such as jewelry, there are more measures to take, and therefore the need to be very vigilant as a customer. Always think twice before making a purchase of valuable jewelry online, especially if the matter looks too good to be true.

Never make impulse purchases, always research and think about how to get back or repay the amount you invested, just in matter things do not go as planned.

It is clear that if you order food online and receive a pint of expired milk, you have not lost too much and may not even care about the problem.

However, if you buy a necklace made of 24-karat gold with a custom-made design that shines with a set of priceless precious stones, you will not be so ready to accept a mistake, which will be expressed in the arrival of an item that is nothing more than plated metal and dummy stones.

In other words, there is much more to lose when buying an expensive richness item, and so you need to place one or two additional steps between the formulation of a purchase idea and the act of completing the purchase.

Always think twice before you hit buy, this should be your golden rule.

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