Guide to Perfect Academia Aesthetic Fashion Through Arts

In the digital age, are you still a book lover who finds solace in the library? Well, academic aesthetics can highlight your intellectual self through your fashion sense. Here’s how to achieve this:

What is the Academic aesthetic?

Dark and Light Academic aesthetics is a branch of social media subcultures developed by Tik Tok and similar social media platforms.

Generation Z, in particular, loves this aesthetic, which consists in highlighting higher education, especially the arts, humanities and letters (the subjects that are known for not giving much respect to the general public because of their lack of monetary benefits).

History of the academic world

The elements and aesthetics of the academic world have their origin in the elite education of Europe. Honestly, the study of poetry and writing was accessible only to the children of the aristocracy of that time.

So we also see these outfits, which are often used as a backdrop of colleges and institutions with Greek and Gothic-inspired architecture.

Wait, that sounds very restrained and discriminatory? Well, it WAS like that. The original academic education was accessible to a certain group of people, but today’s generation accepts it regardless of their ethnic origin and race, which makes aesthetics more inclusive than ever.

Colors in science: Light and Dark

The academic world speaks of sophistication and could very well be synonymous with no-frills knowledge. Colors are the place where the distinction between light and darkness is really visible. Earthy tones are seen throughout the aesthetic, which refers to their conceit of knowledge.

Dark Academia has tanning, black and brown colors in the game. In a literary sense, Dark Academia focuses on the questions that are supposed to be cynical: the meaning of life, passed away and everything else.

The counterpart, Light Academia, has light ochre, beige and white as representative colors. Unlike the dark side, the Academy of Light attaches importance to optimistic virtues: romance, pious words and making life more meaningful.

Since Dark Academia is the popular of the two, the following inspirations are given. However, the same parts can be purchased in a light fabric for light universities.

Phew, now that we’ve discarded the theory, here are the ways to actually embody the academic aesthetic through your clothes:

Fabrics and prints

Luxurious fabrics work very well with this aesthetic, think wool, linen or Egyptian cotton.
If you do not have daily access to such fabrics, you can always take a look at thrift stores. What a 60-year-old grandmother left there, with some disputes, could correspond to her aesthetics.

If you don’t have plaids in your outfit, it’s not made to be an academic ensemble. Plaids were used in most school uniforms and work clothes. Co-ords often have plaids of different sizes.


The little brother of the plaids, flannels are for relaxing days, weekends, if you like. The boxy flannels in bronze tones go well with the rest of the Academia look, without directing it more towards the skater aesthetic, which has flannel as the main print.


The perfect balance of black and white in one print can only be presented with a vichy pattern. The cream-colored ginghams, which have a yellow tint, are a perfect match for your coffee-colored books.


A small impression compared to others, dark flowers, if they are little used, can add the romance of academic light in their cuts. As a rule, these are tiny prints with peonies or simple five-petalled flowers on sweaters and cardigans.

Investing in clothes in science

Ready to have your uniforms online for your school week? Science may seem like a boring aesthetic to begin with, but if you’ve come this far, you definitely have a niche for the elite topics of society.


Striped, ribbed or underwear turtlenecks look great when superimposed with blazers or even cardigans. The autumn-winter season is the season of turtlenecks, mainly because of their exclusivity associated with education and polished appearance.
Invest in a white, navy and black turtleneck sweater for your winter cuts. Once you get used to it, you can always improve your collection with designer pieces.

Cigarette pants create a balance in an outfit, since most Academia cuts are heavy, which means that they have more fabric in the tops than in the bottoms. Thus, the straight silhouette of cigarette pants is an investment that you will end up using on a daily basis.

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