Guide to E-Girl Aesthetic the Vibe You’ll Only See Online

Electronic girls or electronic girls is a term denoting a stylistic aesthetic adopted mainly by teenagers or mature youth. Many people call this an update of the stage beauties and the image of the cyberpunk of the 2000s. But what exactly creates the image of an electronic girl? Here are the basics that make the electronic girl synonymous with nervousness, experimentation and playfulness.

Where do electronic girls come from?

Electronic girls have entered the mainstream thanks to Tik Tok, imitating Nirvana songs and syncing with the latest sound trends. However, it will be a rare sight if you ever find an electronic girl in person. The aesthetics are bold, but mostly limited to the online world. Thus, your neighbor, whom you see in sweatpants and a sweater, may be the most nervous, and you will never know it.

The term electronic girl was first used to describe a minority of girls in the online gaming world. It was believed that they were pretentious, showed no real interest in the game (and instead took to the platforms to attract the attention of the men who made up the majority of the pool of players). Consequently, this term originally had a pejorative connotation. Today, this term is much more often used to describe a collective preference for aesthetics (this is the concept of fashion, makeup and hairstyles in this genre).

Call them stage sisters or attention seekers, whose popularity has increased in recent years, electronic girls are a story in the making. While people saw the grunge image on the streets, electronic girls (and electronic boys) created aesthetics for themselves while standing in front of a screen, and the world’s transition to digital platforms as a means of communication only pushed the narrative further.

The style and way of thinking of an electronic girl

The Independent mentions e-girls and e-boys as the “opposite” of Instagram influencers. If we look at the fashion history of related subcultures, the stage kids and emo were a rebellion against the perfect images of the 2000s (mostly worn by Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan), and today’s electronic aesthetics are the equivalent of the perfect Instagram face, mostly shown by models and created in Photoshop.

VSCO girls often have a vibrant aesthetic that contrasts with the dark themes of the electronic girl. Both aesthetics are appreciated in their own fan bases.
Compared to Insta-face, electronic girls have the freedom to express their individuality as long as they fit (and love) the aesthetics. The calm and temperamental nature of electronic girls also stands in stark contrast to the open and playful nature of VSCO-Girl aesthetics, which is gaining popularity at the same time.

Another important clarification for electronic girls is attention. Regardless of whether a person is looking for attention or not, this question is equally suitable for any subculture on the Internet. So, today this term is just a name similar to another one.

The Company’s Electronic Daughter

Electronic girls have the best of both worlds. Feminine silhouettes with a monochrome color palette (and a slight shade of red, pink and electric sapphires) contrast with both elements of aesthetics, while at the same time combining them, creating a finished and angular personality.


Solidarity Day

Become a naughty girl who decorates the Internet with different types of monochrome stripes. Stripes were the best choice for outerwear when it came to subcultures that deal with emo from a distance.

Electronic boys can often be seen on such cassettes, but they can easily be worn as an electronic girl in a black jumpsuit and boots to complete the image with as few details as possible.

Graphic Appearance

The aesthetics of the electronic girl are based on the grunge culture of the 80s and 90s, which refused to use fresh clothes and instead believed in temporary crafts with their own hands.

Worn graphic T-shirts are one of the aspects of grunge adopted by electronic girls. Think about bands like Led Zeppelin, Nirvana and Arctic Monkeys.

Whether you’re using your old T-shirt as a T-shirt or investing in a cool thing, make sure these things are oversized or not, as they’re often worn over striped T-shirts or neon long-sleeved T-shirts.

Trousers and skirts

Flared pleated skirts are the most common type of silhouette worn by cute electronic girls, while the more angular ones turn into narrow silhouettes of a black denim skirt or even a leather skirt. The mesh and skirt duet is versatile, it can be worn with heels, boots, or sometimes even ballet flats.

The presence of skirts in the narrower checklist for an electronic girl also distinguishes them from the typical aesthetics of an electronic boy, who is usually wearing black skinny jeans.

When it comes to trousers, comfort is at the forefront. Ripped or not, electronic girls confidently wear skinny jeans and baggy jeans. Frayed greys and blacks are the usual shades of denim, while leather is discarded when outfits need to be taken up a notch.

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