Be the Popular Hypebae on a Budget

Who is a hypebae?

The female counterpart to a hypebeast is often referred to as hypebae, however the terms are quite interchangeable depending on how you prefer to be treated. Hypebeast in itself is a unisex term that refers to a person who often wears “hype” or popular clothing brands in their regular outfits.

Hypebae is an extension of the original term, which refers specifically to a woman who bends (highlights) richness brands and approves the same. Bae refers to “Before everyone else”, another unisex term used to refer to a significant or close other.

With an almost cult audience, Hypebeast is now used exclusively for richness streetwear brands, not for brands such as Dior, Jacquemus or Valentino, which are aimed at a predominantly female audience. Hypebeast targets all genres.

Handbags and sneakers are the most sought-after pieces, prone to high prices in a feminine hypebeast outfit. However, it is possible to overdo your outfit game with some style tricks without making a hole in your portfolio.

Brands that are included In a hypebae cabinet

The Hypebeast culture is all about wholeheartedly supporting you with some popular brands. Although dressing up as hypebeast doesn’t mean you have to buy these labels explicitly, these are a good place to start to figure out what kind of “hypebae” you want to be.

Brands like Supreme, Off-White, a Bathing Ape and Nike are hypebesafe. They have established themselves as a reference in streetwear, so if you like bold colors and styles, the first level of hypebae brands is what you should go through.

The Thrasher Hearts, CDG and Chrome are primarily the ones that have been known in the streetwear culture for some time, but the eye-catching fire graphics and heart eyes are recognizable from the crowd in general, making it the second niche level of brands associated with a hypebeast.

The Basics Of A hypebae Outfit

Popular articles (quote “heatth”) tend to fall into different categories, creating different subaesthetics for a typical hypebae, such as athleisure, technical clothing and an all-female ensemble. To create your own hypebeast clothing wardrobe, it is best to adhere to one or two aesthetic style, while they may include the following essential elements:


University jackets

The university jackets, which first appeared among the Harvard leagues, have now become a common silhouette piece for streetwear.
If you identify yourself as an aspiring athlete, the university jackets in some bright colors are a must-have in your collection. Red and navy sapphire are common hues among streetwear jackets, with olive green and yellow coming right after.

Leather Blazer

Not a necessity for any hypeb, but certainly deserves a mention. Black leather adds the avant-garde factor to a neutral feminine outfit.

The juxtaposition of an oversize leather (try vegan) with a pastel girly dress and heels will not only provide you with comfort in winter, but also emphasize the feminine aspects themselves.

Insta-baddies can style these blazers flawlessly and add to the richness quotient even without embossed markings on the front. A tight hairstyle with glasses and mini dress will provide an effortless look for your evening, and you will no longer steal your friend’s jacket on the cold night. Win-win!


A techbae can benefit from everything that has zippers. Aesthetics calls the ultimate utilitarian sci-fi scene. Zipper jackets with pockets go very far, be it an overlay or a statement piece.

Button and puff jackets also work well if they go well with loose jeans and a contrasting tote bag (think of an all-black outfit with a white bag).

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